Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Sammie post?

A year ago, I was avoiding studying for finals by learning Photoshop. This year, I am out of ideas for how to not study. My creative juices appear to have dried up, so no Photoshop. We lost internet in our house, and my phone is lost, so no easy contact with friends. I completed the Confessions of a Shopaholic series before finals started, and I'm pretty much as packed as I can be. Graduation is a week from tomorrow, the 23rd - it's all coming down to the end!

This is what I was doing during the studying-phase of finals last year: Remember the story of how Sammie ripped a wing off of a bird? I have illustrated it for you, in a lovely version of the circle of life.

I've also been searching for housing in Columbus, and deciding what's important to me. I found an experimental suburb (classy, right?) in Germany that is not a housing option for me, but a unique and interesting idea. I'm trying to remember to follow it.
A reason NOT to dislike suburbs

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm no Brown Sharpie rival...

Brown Sharpie is a comic site written by a math graduate student. I'm not smart enough to understand everything, but I can pretend to laugh at almost anything. (You can search by title, this one is under culture.)

Hilbert's paradox of the hotel (wiki it here) is a hotel with infinite rooms that are all full. Luckily for this comic, both the rooms and the bus sets are countably infinite, so there really should be enough rooms. But what a dilemma for the concierge! My favorite part of this is in the speech bubble. Go ahead, laugh (or just sparkle your eyes in amusement.)

Now, there is no reason to ask, "What has Julie been doing with her time since swimming is over?"