Monday, June 22, 2009

Summing what up, exactly? + =
Now entering my Bakerella- NON-fail blog:
I thought I'd start this out like Bakerella does hers, with a little picture of the ingredients. Here, you can see butter (softened, not melted), yellow cake mix, and brownie mix. All the signs of a good cook and a meatless burger.
Then I decided to go where few have gone before, at least in public. Here's CAKE MAN. He's very happy; doesn't realize that soon, his nose and eyes will be blended into oblivion, only to be put in a scorching oven until his skin blisters and his atomic make-up changes. (Or whatever happens that makes salmonella non-existent.) I baked cupcakes out of the cake mix, filling them high enough that they were going to bake up and over the sides a little bit.
After baking and cooling the cupcakes, I baked the brownies and put them in the freezer for easier cutting. I cut the cupcakes into thirds, and cut the brownies into circles with a glass. Lucky for me and other brownie-lovers, circles do not tessellate very well. Lots of scraps!
Sesame seeds (listen, Mitch!) stick on the tops of cupcake buns with just a little water on the cupcake.
To squirt the homemade icing out neatly, it worked really well to put it in plastic baggies and cut the tip. It was impressive, even for someone with the patience and attention span of me!
So I layered them... and ended up with a delicious-tasting meatless burger!
Cupcakes + icing + brownies + sesame seeds = one pretty good imitation. If I do say so myself.
And I do.

Monday, June 15, 2009

it takes two. it always takes two.

I planned on waiting until I had something that you would be interested in reading, but alas, I do not have the patience. Instead, I'm going to throw some lessons I've learned post-graduation.

Lesson #1. Things happen in twos.
Two weddings (see Lesson #2), two different people cracking headlights on my car... Once in a hotel parking lot graduation weekend (rear tail-light cracked) and once this morning parked on my own street (front tail-light MIA.) Luckily, both parties left notes with numbers and apologies. I'm hoping the Kia dealership has some sort of frequent-buyer deal. I bowled my two worst games (found out in the 6th frame of the second game that I was using the wrong fingers; never did find out which hand I should be using.)

Lesson #2. Bridesmaids surprisingly have a lot of free time on their hands.
Weddings of friends are lots of fun. Two of my housemates got married the past two weekends, one in Cincinnati and one in Grand Rapids. I don't have any pictures from the Cincinnati ceremony - but I figure that's all right, since this blog is about me. (I did include one of the bride and groom from the second wedding. Her family is a little more on top of facebook.)

Ex. 1
Sneaking pudding at Tessa's wedding. I've spared my conspirator by not putting in any pictures of her.

Ex. 2. We were waiting in the nursery for Cara