Monday, March 28, 2011


Today's story:

I have a personal buddy  in the preschool classroom (whom I follow around constantly, repeating a refrain of "Use nice hands please," "Keep your feet on the ground please," and "Toys in your hands, not in your mouth!")

I was cleaning up milk that he threw today when he walked over to me from breakfast, tapped me on the shoulder, and said, "I burped." (Really, he said "I burp.") I rolled my eyes. I spent the whole walk to the bus praying for the Spirit so that I might have the fruits of the Spirit, and this is about ten minutes into class. "Ms. Julie, I burp!"
"Well, say excuse me." I said in my nicest annoyed voice.
And then I turned around and saw that by burped, he meant that when he burped, a whole flow of previously-swallowed milk and Cheerios also came out.


This is also the same boy who plays with fake money and came over to me one time telling me that he needs change.
"No, you don't." I said. He had all the change from the classroom.
"Miss Julie, I need change!"
"No, you don't." I say with a little more emphasis.
"Poo-poo!" He says.
Oh. He needed changed.

Poor guy. I would've cried if anyone told me 'no, you don't need changed' (if I wore a diaper, anyway) or if I was trying to tell someone I threw up and they made me say "Excuse me."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have no news on next year yet, but I do have some other things I can share with you.

1. Where I'm traveling!
a. Carmel, Indiana - for a fun half-marathon.
b. Boston - to visit with some friends. I've never been to the East Coast, so I'm excited to see friends and to see the town. Any recommendations for places to go?
c. Baltimore - visiting my former advisor, meeting some professors at JHU and exploring some intelligent topics. They haven't learned too much about me yet, apparently.

2. What I'm cooking!
a. Caramelized onion meatloaf from my Almost Meatless cookbook - it had tofu, veggies, and a little bit of turkey. I liked it.
b. Roasted veggie pizza with hummus as the sauce and the crust cooked in a cast-iron skillet. I think it worked like a pizza stone.
c. Mango and black bean salad - I am starting to really like juicy fruits and mango is something I haven't tried much of. I liked it in this cold salad, which I ate as a lunch entree.

3. What I'm hearing!
"Miss Julie, when I grow up, I want to be a grown-up so I can make pancakes."
 - one of my preschoolers, a girl after my own heart.

I'm sorry (although you may not be) that I haven't infused this entry with my wit and inability to stop sharing. Another day I can share with you in a humorous, lengthy, rather tedious process. In the meantime, I hope you are having a lovely spring so far!