Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm now into foreign biographies

Okay, the title is a little bit of a stretch. A couple weekends ago, I watched "Something Borrowed" (a chick flick based off of a chick-book) and then watched "William and Kate: The Lifetime Original Movie." Feeling a little pitiful that I spent so much of my weekend engrossed in cheesy love stories, I decided to count the William and Kate as a historical biographical presentation... from a foreign perspective. Now I just sound cultured!

In other news, I'm starting a new goal to increase my gratitude for the gifts that I've been given and all that I own and have, hoping that it transfers from physical gifts to abstract as well. Starting Easter, I am going to try my hardest - I know there will be some exceptions - to not buy any items "new." I can buy used items, and items that you can't find new (yes, I will still purchase deodorant, food, and running gear I am giving myself an exception as well). I have noticed that I really don't take advantage of goodwill stores, for clothes or kitchen items, and know that I actually have plenty of items and there are few items that I really need. (Although the skymall hot dog cooker is close to the top of the list... just kidding... I think.)
By purchasing only used things, I will be doing my part to not waste resources or abuse over-production of "things," and it will make me think about what items are really worth purchasing and searching for. I imagine a side benefit is that I will save money and space, too.
I need your help. If you read this blog, you are probably someone who, at one point or another, wants to give me a gift. People just do that sometimes. It's like, I don't know what is so special about Bastille Day, but apparently everyone knows I love celebrating it! Your help comes in many ways:
1. You can pray for me. I hope you do this anyway... I am probably praying for you.
2. Refrain from buying me gifts that are new or that I don't need - buy used or use-up items. Diane has found amazing kitchen platters at garage sales before - I am not offended by receiving, and really want, used items. Use-up items include food, gift certificates to restaurants or grocery stores, tickets to things/ activities, and ... running clothes. (I barely like my own used running clothes... I don't need to buy someone else's used!) The best gifts would also be donations to non-profit organizations that work to support and help people. I can give a number of suggestions of places to donate to that I would rather them see the money than me.
3. Consider doing something yourself to reduce your environmental footprint. It can be as simple as larger laundry loads or using cold water in the laundry to having a compost bin for your food scraps (Gracie doesn't count, but she might be close). You can take quizzes online to find out your footprint and  what you can do to reduce it.

Regarding teaching - I was at an interview this morning and the teacher giving me a tour of the school mentioned how she was beat up her first year of teaching - she quickly clarified that she meant "beat down" and not "beat up", and that the students now were better than that year... I surprised myself by not even reacting to the thought that she was beat up. I guess my little preschool stint made me pretty tough. I wish the teethmarks were still there for bragging rights, because the scars from scratches are fading now.