Sunday, December 9, 2012

raindrops on roses and fruit-rollups-on-apples...

A brief series of school updates, each followed by a picture:

I led a portion of a staff meeting a couple months ago regarding mentoring relationships with students. I wanted the adults to be ready to "hop right in" to their role as a mentor, so obviously, I had no choice but to create frog treats and dress like a frog. The frog treats are made of green apples with peanut butter and a red fruit-rollup for a tongue, with raisins for eyes. The frog shower cap... is from my darling sister. I finally get to use it!
I've been teaching Algebra II, precalculus, and AP Calculus this year. My precalculus class is a lot of fun: we had a competition within the class and the teams decided that they wouldn't mark their points in tally marks, but in units relevant to their team name. The boys, "Team Romeo," marked their score in hearts. The girls (Team Marshmallow and Team Junior Awesomeness) marked their points in marshmallows and exclamation points, respectively. 

I made homemade ravioli with some students yesterday. Sweet potato, coconut milk, and chili raviolis! They were delicious and the girls were actually excited about being at a teacher's house on a Saturday. I've been building good relationships with students this year: a number of students stopped by on a Friday a couple weeks ago to say hello. (They were at a student's house who lives across the street.) Unfortunately (luckily?) I was in pajamas, glasses, watching an ABC Family Original Movie, and eating a deep-dish chocolate chip cookie. I tell them that there's no point in pretending to be cool. Just go with it. (And then we listen to Taylor Swift if they get their homework done.)

Some students made this sign for me one day:
It was perfect because I had been having a rough day. They had no way of knowing it was a day when I needed to know that I am tough! They may have meant mean... but I take it as inner strength... and outer strength, of course.

Merry Christmas season!


Calah said...

YAY! I really don't have anything to say except that you are awesome and cute (in a super-tough way, obviously). :)

RDW said...

Nice to see you blogging again!

RDW said...

Nice to see you blogging again!

Diana W said...

You are making an impact on these kids that will stick with them for life!! but that ravioli stuff sounded weird.

Molly said...

Hey... The blog needs updates!!